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  • FireSEO wants a close relationship with your organization
  • Our goal is to grow your business
  • We offer a selection of effective Internet channels and leading experts with extensive experience
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Professional online advertising in all areas

Features of working with FireSEO


Time is money. If we have an agreed upon date and hour, our work will meet that deadline. This is because we understand that time is of the essence, especially in marketing.

Cultural Environment

The Russian culture is unique. We are quite familiar with this market as we live in it and know the needs and specifics of the Russian audience.


FireSEO prides itself on knowing and following the latest trends of internet marketing, as our goal is to be the innovators of this industry. Our experts regularly learn new skills and enhance their previous traits to further this goal.

Personal Touch

We develop an individual promotion strategy based on a detailed analysis of competitors and market research, as well as personal wishes of our partners.

Result Driven

FireSEO focuses on the results. We regularly consult our partners, update ads and improve campaign results to achieve the best synergy with you.

Budget Aware

We select a reasonable plan for the cost of an advertising campaign. We provide the minimum costs wherever possible, to maximize profits, without hurting the project created.


While working with us, you will have full access to your own profile. You will be able to monitor the work of an advertising campaign around the clock, the number of visitors, cost of clicks and other such details. Additionally, we will also provide a detailed report.


FireSEO has create numerous successful projects, and boasts expertise in 300+ business areas.

Who are our Partners?


Online Services

We are introducing online services to the Russian market.

  • We are increasing the number of subscribers by attracting a Russian audience towards these businesses.
  • Thusly, FireSEO aims to provide sales growth.

Entertainment Industry

FireSEO promotes events, announce the release of films, games, and festivals.

  • Stable long-term cooperation
  • Regular announcements to attract the attention of online consumers

World-Wide Brands

FireSEO worthily presents such brands in the Russian market.

  • We advertise and promote your brand, not ours. All the attention is on your products/services.я
  • We aim to simplify the perception of the brand, make the site more accessible. Perfect it’s look and function.


Our prices


Services Cost per hour Cost per month
SEO from 20 USD from 550 USD
Project-manager from 20 USD from 550 USD
Advertising specialist from 20 USD from 550 USD
Yandex.Direct from 50 USD from 550 USD
Google.Adwords from 50 USD from 550 USD
Google.Merchant from 50 USD from 550 USD

Our experts will explain our features of promotion in the desired region, as well as offer a marketing strategy, and calculate the budget.

Leave an application for strategy development

team of professionals.

Meet the team

Roman Djounoussov

Leading Internet Marketer, SEO

Nikita Zuev

Head of Consultancy

Valentina Bakhtalovskaya

Internet Marketer, certified specialist of Yandex.Market

Alina Belyavceva

SEO Lead

Natalia Podlesnaya

Project Manager

Workload outline




We research your product and your preferred customers.



We study in detail the scope of your business in order to find the perfect Internet marketing tools for its development.



We analyze your competitors, to find advantages and disadvantages of our strategy.



Then, we analyze the strategy we have created, to make sure it is perfectly representing your vision.



We approve the work plan and start developing your business with the help of Internet marketing tools.


Advantages of entering the Russian market


According to Eecommerc: 60+% of the Russian population shop online

The forecast shows that the Russian Internet market will grow even further, over the next four years.

Roman Djounoussov, Leading Internet Marketer, SEO


Did you know?


  • The forecasted B2C Ecommerce Turnover is expected to grow in the coming year to a forecasted €18.02 billion.
  • Internet penetration is on the rise in Russia, with 62% of the population forecasted to be using the internet in 2018.
  • Of the 61% of the Russian population online, an estimated 47%will buy online in 2018.
  • Over 60% of Russian online buyers state that they regard high delivery costs as an obstacle for their online purchases.
  • In 2014, Alibaba was the leading online store with over 18 million unique visitors.
  • Russia has one of the highest portions of the population shopping cross-border only (30%).
  • Trustworthiness is not an issue for Russian consumers when they decide to shop cross-border.
  • 43% of the Russian population still want to see an item before buying it.